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Simu Aktar
Jun 12, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
You are happy, I am happy, and the boss is also happy. The goal is inconsistent with the purpose. This state is the worst, that is, setting various telemarketing list goals without knowing what to expect. The goal is consistent with the goal, but the goal is higher or lower than the expected value of the goal. This state is at least on the right path, and there may be problems telemarketing list in resource integration and full utilization. Example at work: The boss said that the daily activity should be 20w this month, telemarketing list and then the relevant personnel such as product, operation, technology and other related personnel are busy, and the daily activity will reach 20w at the end of the month, telemarketing list and report to the boss. The boss said, yes, let's do 30w next telemarketing list month. It seems normal in this example, the boss assigns, and the subordinates work hard. However, have we considered that what the telemarketing list boss really wants is to achieve 20w of daily activities? Moreover, it is obvious that "to achieve 20w daily active this month" is a goal. If the boss wants to "increase income by increasing daily activity", at this time, through our efforts, we only achieved 15w of daily activity at the end of the month, but the income has doubled. Go to the boss and report to the boss, and the boss telemarketing list will not care. 20 or 15. Why is it the right order of things to say that goals come before goals? We also illustrate with the example of running a marathon: The coaches of three people A, B, and C know the purpose telemarketing list of the three people participating in the marathon, then the coach will make different plans for the three people.
Setting Various Telemarketing List Goals
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Simu Aktar

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